Welcome to the Centre for Housing Research


Established in 1990, the Centre for Housing Research (CHR) is one of the leading inter-disciplinary housing research centres in the UK. Directed by Dr Louise Reid, our programme of research is policy-relevant, theoretically informed and centres on inter-disciplinary understandings of housing and home. Influenced by theories of power, governance and inequality as well as practice theory and ideas relating to prosumption, our work centres around two strategic themes:

    • Homes, Families & Communities: this workstream is concerned with the interconnections between housing, home and family, and how these relationships in turn contribute to intra and inter-generational inequalities. Our work also considers the attachments local residents have to their communities, and their active role in shaping and creating the places in which they live through voluntary and community action.
    • Places, Policies & Practices: this workstream focuses on the uneven geographical impacts of housing policy and how this contributes to spatial inequalities, with particular interests in the intersections with welfare and migration policies. It also encompasses our research on environmental behaviour change, through an analytical focus on peoples’ energy practices in the home.